Central Vacuum Motor Replacement – A Some-What True Story

It is not uncommon for do-it-yourselfers to replace the motors in their central vacuum systems. The job is not very difficult and there are online techcentral companies that offer free tech support for those wanting to tackle this job. However, be prepared for the boost in suction when you install the new motor. The following story comes from a customer email and is reprinted with his permission…

“Recently, Korean Skincare I ordered a new motor for my central vacuum system. When it arrived, I eagerly opened the box. The motor was beautiful and I immediately ran to my garage in anticipation of having my vacuum back up and running. I carefully lifted the new motor from its packing and admired its gleaming fresh paint. My hands quivered with childish excitement as I slowly lowered it into the vacuum housing and dropped it in place.

Hmm, diving now how did those wires attach again? “Perhaps you should have made a diagram”, my wife said over my shoulder. My stern look told her that her comments were not needed and she walked off with a shrug.

I was pretty sure the green one went to the… Wait, maybe it was the black one, arowana for sale or was it the red one? So many wires! What the heck, they are probably all the same anyway and it doesn’t make any difference.

Oh, how I love to vacuum! I could almost hear the whir of the big motor and see all that dirt getting zipped off into oblivion as I made ready for the final assembly. I quickly snapped the wires into place and attached the unit back to the wall. Once all the hoses were firmly reattached, buy research chemical I was ready for the big moment.

That’s when it happened.

I plugged the unit back in and, well, I guess I must have had some wired messed up. The motor jumped into action, but this time it was not the same. I did not hear the usual low hum or whir. No, this was something more akin to a hurricane! What started as a low rumble soon became like thunder! The motor roared and the entire house shook!

Without warning, I saw dirt from across the garage begin to get sucked toward the wall port! There wasn’t even a hose attached, but it did not seem to matter! Soon, famous boxes were sliding across the floor! Rakes and mops were flying off the wall and being sucked to the little vacuum opening! I tried in vain to shut the machine off, but it was no use.

I quickly fled into the house and was met by a most horrific sight. Furniture was in disarray and papers were strewn across the room! Debris was flying around like a tornado and the room took on an eerie glow over the sound of the roaring machine. There was my wife, AI MASA GAME sitting on the floor with her feet propped against the wall desperately holding on to the back legs of our little dog, Alfie, whose entire front half had been sucked into the vacuum opening. I dove toward the two of them, determined to save the little dog, but it was too late! With one last whimper and a scream from my wife, I saw our little Pomeranian disappear into the wall, never to be seen again. A few pieces of fur around the vacuum hose connector were all that was left. Professional moving services

At last, the power draw from the new motor must have overwhelmed the city’s electrical system and all power to the community was lost. I understand some areas were without power for days. However, the vacuum finally stopped. We slowly put the house back together and had new flooring put down. We are still missing a chair, vybecandy but life is returning to normal. My wife is even looking for a new puppy.


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